You're S'posed to be Smiling.

Go on. Grin big. It’s a birthday party and I’m the balloon.

A message from a smoke pearl Netherland Dwarf rabbit.

photo by Farrah of FS Rabbits

A Healthy Smackerel

It’s a health food. Organic Delight. Mama says a healthy snack between meals is A-OK.

This charlie baby Polish rabbit enjoys it’s grass!

Got a Hankie?

Aaaachooo!!! Help! I’m allergic to my own fur!

Dan is a tortoise Holland Lop. But don’t worry, I don’t think he’s really allergic to himself, only to me.

Sweet (and Crunchy) Dreams!

I eat while I sleep. It saves time for playing!

This baby Harlequin Mini Lop finds his food dish to be a comfy bed.

Photo by Michelle of Forrest Gait


School's Out!

Last one out’s a rotten egg!

Funny bunny baby Polish invites his siblings to play in the grass.

Somebunny Help!

No, I can’t go yet! I lost my keys in the couch!

Peaches is a “tort otter” Holland Lop rabbit.

Photo by Michelle of Forrest Gait Rabbitry

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