Bunny? There is no bunny here…

“Maybe if I’m still, she’ll think I’m a flower pot!”

Nice try, broken Polish baby… nice try.

Solution for All Dieters

I haven’t looked at a scale in ten months and cookies have tasted better ever since!

This cute Holland Lop doe knows how enjoy her meals!

Charley the Bookworm

I’m reading a very tiny book. See me squint?

Charley is a broken chinchilla Holland Lop rabbit.

When Elections Get Dirty

Pfft. I’ve had about enough of that debate. Mini Rex. I always said they were mud-slingin’ politicians!

This is a broken black Polish junior buck.

Wanna Know a Secret?

Wanna Know a Secret?

Are you sure?

You really want me to tell you?





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Hoppin Circle = Rabbit Blogging Network

If you haven’t checked out the Hoppin Circle, Rabbitry Blogging Network, I invite you to do so by clicking on the logo!

Here are some of the bloggers’ top posts from January:

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