Couch Potato Bunny

Dude. Get Busy. I’m PAYING you to do my homework.

This is a tortoise otter Holland Lop. The color’s also known as “orange otter,” “fox,” and for the light-hearted, “totter.”

Struttin’ The Fluff

photo credit: Kristen Drum, Keep’s Rabbitry

“You lookin’ at me? YOU looking at ME? Why don’t you take a picture, it’ll last longer!”

Keep’s Tar Heel, a blue Jersey Wooly buck.


March Wrap Up – Hoppin’ Circle

Have you checked out the very cool Hoppin’ Circle Rabbitry Blogging Network? Here are some of the network’s top posts of last month:

At Home Pets tackles the tough topic of spaying/neutering rabbits.

The Kelfla Project explains how she values a group effort in her goal of beating the standard.

Fuzzibutt’s […]

Come ‘shrooming with us?

“I found the biggest one!”

This super cute charlie Polish baby went out mushrooming with his siblings.


“Psst.. Hey you. Yeah you. C’mere. You got the carrots?”

A Siamese Sable Netherland Dwarf looks to score some carrots at show.