Ride 'Em Cowgirl!

“Giddy-up Mom! Yeeee Haawww!”

Daisy, a Castor Mini Rex with one of her red kits perching on her back. Photo by Toni’s Coneys

Standing Tall

“Ah, to feel the wind in my ears!”

Dandelion is a red Mini Rex junior owned by Toni’s Coneys

Are you sure this isn't a bed?

Daisy is waiting for breakfast, and for someone to take Gordisima out of her bowl!

Both are castor Mini Rex owned by Toni’s Coneys.

Shhhh -- I'm hiding.


“Don’t tell Toni where I am, ‘kay? I’m gonna jump out and surprise her.”

Hayworth’s Nugget is a castor Mini Rex buck.

Sweet and Pink... But not pretty

“Just remember, the word is ‘handsome.’ Remember, I’m a buck. I can do the buck thing REAL GOOD.”

Sweetie is the daddy of the babies in the last post!

Counting Noses

“Hey kids, stop wiggling long enough for me to count!”

Snickers, a Dutch-marked doe, looks carefully over her first litter. Snickers is an excellent mom!

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