I has cute ears.

“I has cute ears. And I has cute nose. And I has cute lips. And I has cute tail. But I’m not going to turn around and show y’u. Too comfy here.”


This is a baby Holland Lop.

Oh and – Happy New Year!


Mom wants to know…



“Well, did you clean your room yet? Did you???”

Don’t mess with this girl! Phlox is a broken chocolate Polish doe. And by the way – Did you yet??


White Stuff


“SNOW!!!!!!!!!!! SNOW! SNOW! I mean… Merry Christmas!!!”


Just in case you’re curious, Conquistador is a broken black Polish rabbit.

Molting Memories

Ever heard of eyes on the back of your head?

Can you see the smile in this rabbit’s coat? Junior agouti rabbits get some pretty funny markings as their coat changes! This is Sorrel, a jr. opal Mini Rex.





Oh no, Diva is actually a black Holland Lop rabbit…we think.

Counting Blessings


“What do I do when I run out of fingers and toes??”


There’s lots to be thankful for this season. Me, I’m thankful for all these cute pictures from Toni’s Coneys.

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