Shopping Before Convention

By Laurie Stroupe

Don’t wait for the last minute to pick up those odds and ends for ARBA Convention. Do it now. Here are a few things on my list:

Electrical ties

I plan to zip my risers to the coop in the back and on the sides and then padlock the front for any of my rabbits that are cooped on top. That way, if someone tries to lift the coops to take my rabbit, the riser will come up with it. And they won’t be able to clip the electrical ties without opening the door.


I have a couple of sets of padlocks, but I am taking more rabbits this time, so I need to pick up some more tiny padlocks. I think I probably should color code them, so I don’t spend all of my time looking for the right key.

Cage markers

I may have enough from last time, but I need to get a count and make sure I know what I’m going to do to make my coops easier to find.

Tote, crate, or other container.

I want to get something to put my feed, hay, water, and treats in that will make it easier to go from coop to coop while I’m feeding my rabbits.

Small dustpan and brush

For cleaning my coops. I don’t have enough risers for all and even the ones on risers will have to be cleaned at some point.


For traveling and for those times when you can’t get away from the showroom to grab a meal.

Business cards

It’s time to print up a new supply to share with the people I meet at Convention.

Enormous Ziploc bags

We’ll be stuffing a single vehicle with two families’ worth of stuff and I’m going to try to pack some of my things in bags, which I hope will give us more packing options than hard or square containers.

Replacement toiletries and first aid items

After traveling all summer and fall, it’s time to take stock and make sure that I have enough of everything for almost a week. I especially want to make sure I have pain reliever because standing all day can really get to the feet, legs, and back.


For writing coop numbers in my rabbits’ ears.

I’m sure there are many more things that will pop up between now and the time I pack for ARBA Convention, but at least I’m getting started.