Cute Lionhead Bunny Pictures

Thank you to Brianna for letting us feature her cute lionhead bunnies in today’s post!  Enjoy:

Cute Lionhead rabbit

Cute Lionhead rabbit pictures

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Did you know that our (currently) main author at the Nature Trail is on Twitter?  Follow @RabbitSmarties if you want a glimpse of life through the eyes of a rabbit breeder.  We see everything differently.


At my cousin’s soccer game.For our team, it’s been fun as watching a judge weed though a class of 45 solid senior bucks.

— Ellyn@RabbitSmarties (@RabbitSmarties) May 28, 2013

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Sample Pedigree and Logo Designs

Here are a couple of pedigree and logo designs we’ve done recently.

Netherland Dwarf Bunnies and Logo Miniature Horse Farm custom logo design Custom logo design for a miniature horse farm custom rusty rabbit pedigree design western Western rabbitry pedigree design Tropical Island design Cute hand drawn rabbit pedigree pastel design Bunnies in field pedigree design sunflower rabbit logo

The Coast Guard

Tan Rabbit


I’m tan.  I’m cool.  And yeah, all the rest of it.


This is a chocolate Tan buck.  Photo by Farrah S.

My dear Watson,

Holland Lop Rabbit


Nooooo, i didn’t smell anything suspicious.  Did you?


This is a black tort Holland Lop herd buck.  Photo by Huckleberry Hollands

Carrot Tax


Two baby polish rabbits


Greetings.  This is Inspector McGillivray from the Rabbit Revenue Service.  Would you like to hand over your carrots to me, or shall I call my buddy in black?


Chocolate and black junior Polish rabbits have been watching you.