Rabbit Pedigrees


Custom Rabbit pedigree design

A pedigree that stands out in the crowd.

Would you like a printable template, custom-designed with hand-drawn pictures of your bunnies?  If so, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

rabbits with roses logo design


miniature horse farm logo design



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Big news! We are now offering custom pedigree designs! Classy or cute pedigrees customized to your desires. We can deliver you an MS Word template featuring hand-drawn bunnies or a logo, ready for you to add in your rabbits’ data and reproduce as many times as you want. You’ll not only spice up your pedigree binder, but impress nearly bunny buyer!

Our artist is also experienced in drawing other farm animals, so we can do a pedigree for different species as well. Current price is $30.

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Here are some samples. Click to enlarge.

Custom Netherland Dwarf show rabbit pedigree design - hand drawn rabbits

Custom Show Rabbit Pedigree Design


Coming Around Turn Two

Mini Rex Castor

Run, Bunny, Run!


This is a funny castor Mini Rex rabbit owned by Toni’s Coneys.

A fair bargain, yes?

bunny in house rabbit cage BEW sport


“Let’s make a deal: I’ll use the litterbox if the dog will, too!”

Jasmine is a mixed-breed bunny living in a house rabbit cage.  She has “Vienna markings” or “BEW sport” markings.



“I been waiting and hiding a whole THREE SECONDS!  Are you coming??”

I has cute ears.


“I has cute ears.  And I has cute nose.  And I has cute lips.  And I has cute tail.  But I’m not going to turn around and show y’u.  Too comfy here.”


This is a baby Holland Lop.


Oh and – Happy New Year!

Mom wants to know…



polish rabbit face


“Well, did you clean your room yet?  Did you???”


Don’t mess with this girl!  Phlox is a broken chocolate Polish doe.  And by the way – Did you yet??