Raising Rabbits 101 – Complete Guide

The Comprehensive Book on Starting Right and Staying Strong with your Rabbit Project.

book on how to breed rabbitsThis book is just what we needed to add to our catalog here at Rabbit Smarties! If there’s one thing we were missing, it was simply a comprehensive guide to raising rabbits from the ground up. “Raising Rabbits 101” gives you the straight on starting right and staying strong with your rabbit project, potentially saving you much time, money, and heartache that you’d spend trying to learn the ropes by yourself. The manual is well-written, easy to read, and cleanly formatted with color photos and visual aids.

Here’s a peek at the chapter titles:

1. Beginning Your Rabbit Adventure

2. Feeding, Breeding, Kindling, and Properly Housing Rabbits

3. Rabbit Herd Management and Stock Evaluation

4. Rabbit Care Information and Advice

5. Marketing and Selling your Rabbits

6. Additional Articles and Interesting Resources

7. Exclusive Bonus Section

With all the information that’s available online, you might ask, is a book on how to raise rabbits really worth buying? I’d say this one is. “Raising Rabbits 101” contains more than the parroted facts that everyone knows. This book holds the story of the author’s struggles to start a rabbit project and his eventual success at developing a profitable and productive rabbitry. He shares what he learned to help you avoid common mistakes and make the best decisions in launching a project of your own. As with any venture, there’s much more to raising rabbits than you’d guess; this book helps ensure that you won’t have to learn how much you don’t know the hard way!  

The details:

173 pages. Softcover. Printed in Color. $28.00

Written by Aaron Webster. Published by Rabbit Empire.

Please note: Because this book ships from a different publisher, this one only ships within the USA. We can take international orders on the other books, though.  

Raising Rabbits 101 vs. The Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide: Which should I buy?

good rabbit books to read These two books are not as similar as they might sound at first. In fact, while the two books cover some of the same ground, there’s enough unique material in both that it would not be redundant to purchase them together. The “Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide” is specifically written for 4-H members and leaders. It does contain some basic information on rabbit care, feeding, health, equipment, breeding, and maintenance, but does not go into nearly as much detail on these topics as “Raising Rabbits 101”. However, the Study Guide contains more information on how to show rabbits and participate in contests such as youth showmanship, breed ID, royalty, and judging. The Study Guide is better suited for use in a 4-H lesson situation, since it’s formatted in a one-topic-per-page manner that leaders can easily reproduce. Leaders are permitted to make copies of the Study Guide pages for their 4-H lesson, but “Raising Rabbits 101” is not reproducible.

However, the Study Guide should not be your only source of information on rabbit breeding and care. “Raising Rabbits 101” goes much deeper into the nitty-gritty of how to enter a rabbit raising project and come out on top. If you’re not a 4-H or youth project member, I’d definitely recommend “Raising Rabbits 101.” If you are a 4-H family or youth member, I’d start with the Youth Study Guide, but you’d certainly benefit from both books.