Carrot Tax



Greetings. This is Inspector McGillivray from the Rabbit Revenue Service. Would you like to hand over your carrots to me, or shall I call my buddy in black?

Chocolate and black junior Polish rabbits have been watching you.


The Grass is Always Greener



Poisonous? How could anything poisonous grow on the other side of the fence?

Power Puff

I betcha I can knock you flat as a pancake with my cuteness!


This is a baby Ruby-eyed White Lionhead bunny. Photo courtesy of Mtn View Kritters.

Think Sping!

Think Sping! Sping! Sping! Y’know… daisies and clover and baby bunnies. Come Sping! Hurry!


Thanks to Mtn View Kritters for this cute photo.

I has cute ears.

“I has cute ears. And I has cute nose. And I has cute lips. And I has cute tail. But I’m not going to turn around and show y’u. Too comfy here.”


This is a baby Holland Lop.

Oh and – Happy New Year!


A Little Girl’s Dreams

“Some day, I’m going to grow up and marry a handsome Snowshoe Hare…”

Think she’s right? Hazel is a castor Mini Rex kit.