Soooooooo Cute bunnies

“We’re playing. He’s a tree and I’m a bush.”

Super cute Mini Rex babies by Toni’s Coneys. That’s a cream on the left and an opal on the right.

Counting Noses

“Hey kids, stop wiggling long enough for me to count!”

Snickers, a Dutch-marked doe, looks carefully over her first litter. Snickers is an excellent mom!

Puttin’ My Paw Down

“I’m puttin’ my paw down! This is the last picture or no kisses tonight!”

A cute junior magpie Holland Lop thinks you should put the camera away.

Photo credit: Devon of Devonglen rabbitry


Somebunny come and play!

Want to come play house with me? Only I get to be the Mommy.

This little cutie is a broken chocolate Polish baby rabbit.

Swim Time!

“Are you sure we’ll both fit in the pool?”

“We will..but I don’t know about the chick with the camera… Hey lady, no room and no flash photography!”


Couch Potato Bunny

Dude. Get Busy. I’m PAYING you to do my homework.

This is a tortoise otter Holland Lop. The color’s also known as “orange otter,” “fox,” and for the light-hearted, “totter.”