My dear Watson,


Nooooo, i didn’t smell anything suspicious. Did you?


This is a black tort Holland Lop herd buck. Photo by Huckleberry Hollands

MallowCreme Rabbit

This has gotta be Jet-Puffed brand.

Bunny featured is a BEW eyed white Holland Lop. Photo by Huckleberry Hollands.




Oh no, Diva is actually a black Holland Lop rabbit…we think.

Brooke strikes a pose

“Make sure you get my good side.”

Brooke, a black tort Holland Lop, isn’t camera shy, that’s for sure!

Slipped Crown

This tortoise otter Holland Lop is sporting a fine example of a slipped crown. See how far back the “poof” starts? It should start right behind the eye.

Besides, notice his color – It’s a non-recognized variety called “fox” or “tort otter” – or “totter” if you like to have […]

Puttin’ My Paw Down

“I’m puttin’ my paw down! This is the last picture or no kisses tonight!”

A cute junior magpie Holland Lop thinks you should put the camera away.

Photo credit: Devon of Devonglen rabbitry