Growing Pains

Sorry girl, but I think you’re a little old to play tea party!

This bunny is an orange Mini Lop who lives in Australia with Michelle of Forrest Gait Rabbitry. However, in Australia the breed known as “Mini Lop” is really more like the American Holland Lop than the Mini.



Couch Potato Bunny

Dude. Get Busy. I’m PAYING you to do my homework.

This is a tortoise otter Holland Lop. The color’s also known as “orange otter,” “fox,” and for the light-hearted, “totter.”

Date… HIM?

Oh, Marty! You can’t be suggesting I go out with that Jersey Wooly, can you? He’s got a … BEARD!

Celeste, a tortoise Holland Lop, isn’t pleased with your notion.

Solution for All Dieters

I haven’t looked at a scale in ten months and cookies have tasted better ever since!

This cute Holland Lop doe knows how enjoy her meals!

Charley the Bookworm

I’m reading a very tiny book. See me squint?

Charley is a broken chinchilla Holland Lop rabbit.

Got a Hankie?

Aaaachooo!!! Help! I’m allergic to my own fur!

Dan is a tortoise Holland Lop. But don’t worry, I don’t think he’s really allergic to himself, only to me.