A fair bargain, yes?

“Let’s make a deal: I’ll use the litterbox if the dog will, too!”

Jasmine is a mixed-breed bunny living in a house rabbit cage. She has “Vienna markings” or “BEW sport” markings.





Oh no, Diva is actually a black Holland Lop rabbit…we think.

A Little Girl’s Dreams

“Some day, I’m going to grow up and marry a handsome Snowshoe Hare…”

Think she’s right? Hazel is a castor Mini Rex kit.

Soooooooo Cute bunnies

“We’re playing. He’s a tree and I’m a bush.”

Super cute Mini Rex babies by Toni’s Coneys. That’s a cream on the left and an opal on the right.

Brooke strikes a pose

“Make sure you get my good side.”

Brooke, a black tort Holland Lop, isn’t camera shy, that’s for sure!

Puttin’ My Paw Down

“I’m puttin’ my paw down! This is the last picture or no kisses tonight!”

A cute junior magpie Holland Lop thinks you should put the camera away.

Photo credit: Devon of Devonglen rabbitry