I Don’t WANNA!

“But Mooooom, I don’t wanna get up for school!”

An Opal American Fuzzy Lop takes a rest in his coop.

Slipped Crown

This tortoise otter Holland Lop is sporting a fine example of a slipped crown. See how far back the “poof” starts? It should start right behind the eye.

Besides, notice his color – It’s a non-recognized variety called “fox” or “tort otter” – or “totter” if you like to have […]

Struttin’ The Fluff

photo credit: Kristen Drum, Keep’s Rabbitry

“You lookin’ at me? YOU looking at ME? Why don’t you take a picture, it’ll last longer!”

Keep’s Tar Heel, a blue Jersey Wooly buck.



“Psst.. Hey you. Yeah you. C’mere. You got the carrots?”

A Siamese Sable Netherland Dwarf looks to score some carrots at show.