GC Heartland’s Serena

champion creme d'argent rabbit doe

Grand Champion Crème d’Argent Doe

Breed: Crème d’Argent

Showroom Variety: Standard

Registration Variety: Standard

Legs: 4

Best Show Results: 2x BOB Washington State Convention

Breeder: Emilee of Heartland Rabbitry

Evaluating this Crème d’Argent Rabbit

Just looking at Serena’s picture you can see the richness of her coat. She has nice body type: see how her topline rounds smoothly from shoulders to tail without any flat spots? She also appears to have a well-filled lower hindquarter. The proper Creme d’Argent color has been described as “orange silver”, and looking at Serena you can see why.

Her breeder says: Serena was my first grand champion Creme D’Argent to be a homebred. I wasn’t even going to keep her but she never sold so I just did. It was such a great decision because she took BOB twice at the Washington State Convention in 2010. She had a total of 4 legs and I couldn’t have been more proud! She sadly though passed away in March 2011 when she was having kits.

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