GC The Nature Trail’s Crazy Horse

Cutie Holland Lop Buck - Crazy Horse

Grand Champion Holland Lop Rabbit

Breed: Holland Lop

Showroom Variety/Group: Broken Pattern

Registration Variety: Broken Black Tortoise

Sire: GC Camelot’s Merlin

Dam: GC The Nature Trail’s Roxie

Legs: 12

Best Show Results: Best Opposite Sex of Breed

Breeder: Laurie Stroupe of The Nature Trail Rabbitry

Evaluating this Grand Champion Holland Lop

I like Crazy Horse quite a bit — and so do judges. He has a lot of mass, but is really a tiny buck registered at under 3 pounds! He’s got a big head, fantastic straight topline rounding down to well-filled lower hindquarters. He has good depth at the shoulder and at the hip.

Her breeder, Laurie, offers these comments about Crazy Horse:

The Nature Trail’s Crazy Horse caught my eye early. I know, it was that adorable pattern on his face that did it, but also it was that short, short muzzle.

He’s a little tiny guy, 2.14 at registration, so I figured it would take a long time for him to hit his stride. But he granded before his first birthday at about ten months of age.

He reminds me a lot of his dad Merlin with the short, fat bone and short body. I think he has a very nice Holland look.

Although he only earned one leg as a junior, he did get lots of very nice comments. When Cindy Wickizer judged him, she was quite effusive and predicted great things for him later on.

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posed junior quality holland lop front view

Crazy Horse as a young man

half butterfly nose marking on broken holland lop rabbit

This is what a Holland should look like from the front

posed junior quality holland lop in profile

This is Crazy Horse as a junior buck