GC The Nature Trail’s Fabrizia

Very cute junior tortoiseshell holland lop doe

Grand Champion Holland Lop Doe

Breed: Holland Lop

Showroom Variety/Group: Solid

Registration Variety: Black Tortoise

Sire: GC The Nature Trail’s Lord

Dam: GC The Nature Trail’s Hilary

Legs: 3

Best Show Results: BOS

Breeder: Laurie Stroupe of the Nature Trail Rabbitry

Evaluating this Grand Champion Holland Lop

Fabrizia had a litter in the nest box at the time of these pictures, but looks good anyway! She has a nicely rounded head and short, open ears with good depth and a full loin.

Her breeder says that Fabrizia is proving to be a really worthwhile doe. She hit the show table with a solid impact and kept going. By the way, “Fabrizia,” is a town in Italy. It is also a very rare female first name.

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very cute sweet holland lop junior - fabrizia

Fabrizia from the front: what a cutie!