GC The Nature Trail’s Franz

grand champion broken holland lop buck- franz

Grand Champion Holland Lop Rabbit

Breed: Holland Lop

Showroom Variety/Group: Broken Pattern

Registration Variety: Broken Black Tortoise

Sire: Saynora’s Dan

Dam: Saynora’s Katee

Legs: 3

Best Show Results: BOB

Breeder: Laurie Stroupe of the Nature Trail Rabbitry

Judging this Broken Holland Lop

Like most of the Nature Trail bucks, Franz has a nice head with fat cheeks and width between the eyes. Imagine dividing Franz into thirds, length-wise. See how his head takes up the whole front third? That’s the way it should be in Holland Lops. His head is set high on the shoulders like it should be. He lacks some height to the crown and it is placed too far back on the head. His crown also lacks a some front-to-back width that would make the ears hang more openly. He has nicely balanced body type and good bone, but in the picture above appears to lack a just a little depth over the hindquarter. Color doesn’t matter very much on Holland Lops, but Franz has a very nicely balanced pattern and an excellent butterfly nose marking. And isn’t that “milk-dipped’ left ear cute!

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funny holland lop expression

Franz's Face.

cute baby holland lop litter

Franz as a baby -- can you tell which one?