GC The Nature Trail’s Jamillia

grand champion excellent holland lop doe- quality

Grand Champion Holland Lop Rabbit

Breed: Holland Lop

Showroom Variety/Group: Solid Pattern

Registration Variety: Black Tortoiseshell

Sire: GC The Nature Trail’s Lord

Dam: GC The Nature Trail’s Padme

Legs: 7

Best Show Results: Best of Breed

Breeder: Laurie Stroupe of The Nature Trail Rabbitry

Evaluating this Grand Champion Holland Lop

What a pretty little bunny! The Nature Trail’s Jamillia has a very nicely shaped head with good width, especially for a doe. She has nice crown height and definition, though it could have a little more front-to-back width so those ears would hang more openly. Jamillia could use a touch more depth over the hips, at least judging by these pictures, but she has a nicely shaped body, good full hindquarters, and good bone.

Her breeder, Laurie, has this to say about Jamillia:

Jamillia is part of my most successful litter since her grandmother May and three sisters Hilary, Purdy, and Jewel were born in one litter. Brother Padawan has already granded at just 6 months, 10 days old. Sister Jocasta has three junior legs.

Jamillia was my first third generation The Nature Trail’s grand champion. I am so pleased that my all-grand-champion project has progressed another generation.

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Jamillia -- very cute Holland Lop Rabbit

Hi, Look at me!

Jamillia - posed holland lop rabbit

Jamillia showing you all her best features