The Nature Trail’s Prince William

Nice Quality Holland Lop Buck - prince william

Quality Holland Lop Rabbit

Breed: Holland Lop

Showroom Variety/Group: Solid Pattern

Registration Variety: Black Tortoise

Sire: GC Camelot’s Merlin

Dam: GC The Nature Trail’s May

Legs: 3

Breeder: Laurie Stroupe of The Nature Trail Rabbitry

Evaluating this Quality Holland Lop

Prince William is only 5 months old in these pictures. As you see, he’s molting into his senior coat. He’s lacking some development to his head, but that will come with time. Prince William has a good length and shape of ear. He’s showing a nice short body with excellent depth.

The Nature Trail’s Prince William is part of a three-buck litter of nice show bunnies. GC The Nature Trail’s Imagination is his littermate.

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