Suzy’s Jubal, Winning Siamese Smoke Pearl Netherland Dwarf

show winning netherland dwarf stacey

Show-winning Netherland Dwarf

Breed: Netherland Dwarf

Showroom Variety/Group: Siamese Smoke Pearl

Registration Variety: Siamese Smoke Pearl

Legs: 10+

Sire: Covert’s SF1

Dam: Suzy’s Jenna

Best Show Results: 1 BOB, 2 BOS, 8+ BOG wins

Breeder: Susan Meier of Lazy Susan Rabbitry, Netherland Dwarfs in Ohio

Evaluating this Siamese Smoke Pearl Netherland Dwarf

Look at those tiny ears! They’re short and thick just like they should be. It would be nicer if they stood up straighter on his head, but maybe he’s just holding them that way for the picture. Jubal has a very impressive head and ear, especially for a junior. He has good depth at the shoulder.

Jubal showed well, taking home several BOG’s and even a couple BOS and BOS wins. He is a half-brother to Suzy’s Stacey

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cute siamese smoke pearl netherland dwarf buck

Jubal, not posed.