Rustic’s Forego – National Winning Polish Rabbit

broken chocolate polish rabbit show winner

Grand Champion Broken Chocolate Polish

national winner

Breed: Polish

Showroom Variety/Group: Broken

Registration Variety: Broken Chocolate

Legs: 31+

Sire: Ellyn’s Baxter, son of Irate Pirate BP

Dam: Drew’s FD

Best Show Results: BOV 2011 ARBA convention, BOSV 2011 National Specialty, BOB and BOS wins, 2nd /4th/5th place at conventions/nationals.

Breeder: Tiffany Mccord of Rustic Rabbitry — Polish in Michigan

Evaluating this Broken Chocolate Polish Rabbit

Forego is something special.  Earning his 29th leg with an ARBA Convention BOV win in 2011, he picked up a BOB and a BOS at the next show against some stiff competition and keeps on going.  His breeder says he is the nicest rabbit she has produced yet.

Forego has a pretty nice head and good shape to the ears with a nice substance so they stand upright and touch all the way to the tips, which are desirable features in Polish.  His strongest point though is his body.  He has a nice round body, very short, with excellent depth.  He could be faulted for lacking a touch of fullness to the loin, but has a good lower hindquarter.

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broken chocolate polish rabbit body type

Forego's body type