GC Ellyn’s Serenade

Posed quality Broken black polish rabbit doe

Grand Champion Polish Rabbit

national winner

Breed: Polish

Showroom Variety/Group: Broken

Registration Variety: Broken Black

Sire: Ellyn’s Kingsley

Dam: Ellyn’s Trillium

Legs: 12+

Best Show Results: Multiple BOV, BOSV, BOS

Breeder: Ellyn of SilverStar Polish Rabbitry. Now owned by Granite W.

Evaluating this Grand Champion

The doe in the top picture actually isn’t Serenade: it’s her mom, Trillium. Trillium was only shown once in her whole life…and won her class at the 2007 ARBA Convention. But Serenade proved the line with multiple BOV, BOSV, BOS, and best in class wins. Serenade and Trillium both have excellent depth of body with well-rounded hips and plenty of width and fullness. Serenade has a nicer head than her mom. In Serenade’s picture at the right, she appears to have a head set too high on her shoulders, and “V” spread ear carriage. Both of these things are faults, but I think she was sitting funny for the picture. Serenade has a light broken pattern, but plenty of color to qualify for the 10% minimum.

Unlike her dam, Serenade was shown extensively by her breeder, winning a few legs and lots of second/third places. Her real time to shine came after moving in with Granite, where she picked up over a dozen legs. Serenade has proven to be a great mom herself. She has a beautiful broken doe sired by GC Rustic’s Forego.

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Polish rabbit doe, mother with cute baby bunnies

Serenade looks a lot like her mom, Trillium. Can you guess which doe this is with her litter of babies?

Quality Broken Polish Rabbit Doe Posed

Serenade Side View

cute polish rabbit face

Serenade - see the big bold eyes?

very cute Polish rabbit washing itself

Serenade prettying up after a run in the pen