Ellyn’s Sault Ste Marie – Registered Polish Rabbit

lovely beautiful Polish rabbit broken chocolate ideal head

Show Winning Registered Polish Rabbit

Breed: Polish

Showroom Variety/Group: Broken Chocolate

Registration Variety: Broken Chocolate

Sire: Drew’s/Ellyn’s Raider

Dam: Ellyn’s Scribble Pad

Legs: 5

Best Show Results: BOS day-after Polish Nationals 2009

Breeder: Ellyn of SilverStar Polish Rabbitry. On permanent vacation at Rustic Rabbitry



Evaluating this Grand Champion

Yes, Sault Ste Marie’s main photo is of her head, not her beautiful body type. Why? Because in Polish, the head/ear/eye combination is more important than even the body! And “Suzy” has an absolutely beautiful Polish head. It’s short, well-rounded, broad between the eyes and yet refined: definitely a doe head. She has very nice short, rounded ears, although they could use a touch of substance. She has a nice round body type, well tapered from the hindquarters to the shoulders. She has a slight tendency to slope off over the hindquarters. Suzy has an attractive spotted pattern: not too light or heavy, and a beautiful silky coat. Suzy is a tiny little girl.

Sault Ste Marie, aka SUZY, had a nice show career before becoming a mom. She was Best Opposite Sex of Breed the day-after the 2009 Polish National show and had other nice wins. She went to live with Tiffany in Rustic Rabbitry, just a short distance away from her namesake town, Sault Ste Marie, Michigan. (Pronounced “soo saint marie,” which by the way, is the second oldest remaining settlement in the new world.)

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Quality Broken Chocolate Polish Rabbit body type

Sault Ste Marie

body type of quality Polish rabbit doe

Tiffany's take on SUZY's type