Watch Baby Lop Rabbits Grow Up – Photos and Stories

This is Celtus.  He’s the dad of the two babies I’m going to tell you about:

celtus tortoise holland lop rabbit


Athena is a Holland Lop doe that was bred to Celtus. She had two babies, and produced lots of milk for her newborns. Way too much, in fact. The two kits  were so overfed that they could not turn themselves over!   Overfed kits are at risk for problems, including splay legs and growing larger as adults.  How can we help them?

fat newborn well fed kits

overfed newborn baby rabbit kits



The solution was simple–foster more kits to Athena so the two babies can’t get all the milk. Luckily, Kasey had a litter just a few days older, so two of Kasey’s babies moved in with Athena. After just one day sharing mama with two of Kasey’s kits, the babies are doing much better. They can even turn themselves over now. But you can see that Athena’s five-day old black kits are as big as Kasey’s kits, who are three days older.

fat baby bunny kits at about one week old

Baby Holland Lops. The torts are about a week old and the blacks are three days younger.



You can really tell the difference that three days makes in these young bunnies.  Kasey’s babies look much more alert, although all four babies have their eyes open. Kasey’s tortoiseshell’s are 16 days old and Athena’s black kits are 13 days old.

fat baby bunny rabbits

These sweet young lop rabbits are growing fast!



These babies are now 2 weeks, 5 days old. They are in their cutest stage and are very healthy.   Their ears aren’t quite long enough to flop, but they are starting to eat solid food now.

black rabbit babies holland lops

Just under three weeks old, and triple cute



Now three weeks and five days old, these two are definitely looking like bunnies!

cute black baby bunny rabbits almost four weeks of age

Look at the fat cheeks on these bunnies!


Here they are at about five weeks.  Unfortunately, their cage neighbor bit both of their noses. One is a buck and one is a doe. I think that both might be larger; the buck is 14 oz. and the doe is 1.01 lbs. already. The size might partly be due to the early overfeeding.

five week old approx. baby holland lop rabbits

Lop eared black baby rabbits at five weeks


 Boy, have they grown since last week! The noses on these babies are healing very nicely. They look to both be large rabbits. They will be six weeks old in two days. The bunny on the left has an interesting curl to his ears.  Holland lop rabbits’ ears start to lop at about this stage, from four to six weeks old, though it can take much longer.

baby lop rabbits ears start to drop about four to six weeks of age

Six weeks old now!


At seven weeks, the bites on their noses have healed, but left white scars. I think that their potential show careers are over before they began. But they can still make nice pets!

seven week old black bunnies with white spots on nose

At weaning age now.


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