American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit- Breed Information

Basic Appearance:

“Fuzzies” have very round, compact bodies. The head is set moderately high on the shoulders. They have short, thick legs. American fuzzy lops carry the dwarf gene, this is what gives them their small and compact type. As with most lop breeds, they have a ridge of cartilage on top of the head. This is called the crown. The crown is what causes the ears to fall on either side of the rabbit’s head. The wool of an AFL is about two inches long, and somewhat coarse compared to angora wool. The American fuzzy lop is a four-class breed weighing about 3 3/4 pounds.

History, Temperament, and Common Uses: 

The American fuzzy lop has lots of personality and is gaining popularity. They are an inquisitive breed and are suitable for pets and show or 4-H rabbits. Their wool can even be spun into yarn!

The AFL looks very similar to a Holland lop. When American breeders wanted to add the broken gene to their Hollands, they crossed them to an English spot. Then, to improve the fur, they crossed these rabbits to a French angora. They did this because the Holland should have rollback fur (1 inch long). The English spot cross gave them short, flyback fur. The French angora cross gave the Hollands the wool gene, which is recessive. Breeders started using the wooled Hollands to create their own breed, which was accepted by the ARBA as the American fuzzy lop in 1988.

Grooming, Care, and Additional Notes: 

Fuzzies need less grooming than angoras. They have wool that is a little coarse, making it less prone to tangles. Every few days, they will need the tangles and debris worked out of their coat. Be sure to check the rabbit’s underside for droppings and debris that may get caught around its bottom. When the AFL is molting, it will need groomed every day. As with all breeds of rabbits, you should avoid giving your fuzzy a full bath. Just spot clean its coat if needed.

Because of the inquisitive nature of American fuzzy lops, you should allow a show rabbit to relax before evaluating its ear carriage.

American Fuzzy Lop At A Glance… 

 Recognized Varieties:  

The American fuzzy lop comes in many recognized varieties. They are broken down into groups as follows.

Agouti group: chestnut, chinchilla, lynx, opal, and squirrel.

Broken group: any recognized breed color broken with white.

Pointed white group: pure white with black, blue, chocolate, or lilac points.

Self group: black, blue, blue eyed white, chocolate, lilac, and ruby eyed white.

Shaded group: sable point, siamese sable, siamese smoke pearl, tortoise shell, and blue tortoise shell.

Wide band group: fawn and orange.

ARBA Body Type:


Approximate Size: 

Small. 4 pounds maximum when full grown.

Important Things to Look for When Buying Show Stock: 

A short, close coupled animal with a smooth, rounded, and compact body. A wide, massive head. Ears that lop vertically. Short, thick legs. Dense, slightly coarse wool.

Things to Avoid: 

Narrow body, pinched or undercut hindquarters. Narrow head. Heavy wool side trimmings on head. Narrow ears, or ears with wool. Slipped crown. Wool on front feet is a disqualification. Thin wool. Soft and silky wool on seniors is a disqualification. Wool under 1 1/2 inches is a disqualification.

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