Links of Interest – Rabbit Medical Information, Body Language and More

Cute Holland Lop buck - learn rabbit body languageHere are some links to websites or articles with helpful rabbit information.  Of course, these links are supplied as a courtesy service only, and the Nature Trail holds no responsibility for the accuracy of the information or the opinions expressed on these websites.  :)

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Rabbit Link Directory –

Rabbit Medical Information Sources

The Merck Veterinary Manual – 8th Edition Online – contains over 1200 photographs and 12, 000 entries.  You can search online by species, disease or other keyword.

Harmony Animal Hospital – “Modern care… old fashioned concern.”   Information on animal health care and also how to cope with sadness when losing a pet.

MediRabbit – great articles on different rabbit diseases, surgical procedures, medications and more

Drug Dosage Calculator For Rabbits – dosages for common drugs and anti-parasitic agents for rabbits.

Biology of the Rabbit – Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association

Humane Rabbit Euthanasia – not a pleasant subject, but not one that rabbit breeders should avoid.  Please read this article now, before you need it.

Barbi Brown’s Bunnies – Informational resource on various topics

Rabbit Health Central – excellent information about rabbit health


Rabbit Showing and Judging Information

Double Dutch Rabbitry Articles – Very good information on various topics by Judge Sarah Cleavenger.

Spring Creek Gems – Lots of hands-on breeder experience in these articles on Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Oak Ridge Rabbitry Articles – An helpful guide to judging Holland Lops, and well as other good information

Icebox Rabbitry Articles – Unique articles on rabbit type and color genetics.


Assorted Informational Topics

The Language of Lagomorphs:  What Your Rabbit is Saying and How to Speak Back – learn how to interpret your rabbit’s behavior and body language.

Manure Matters – Learn about using manure as a soil amendment.  The article includes all types of mature from hippo to rabbits.

Raising Meat Rabbits – Practical information on growing rabbits commercially or for home use

Incredible Rabbit Resources – A page with helpful tips and links to quality rabbit websites.