Avoiding Common Errors when Writing for Judges

Common Mistakes Made By Table Secretaries 

  • The name of the judge is not recorded on the control sheets.

  • No Best of Breed is recorded.

  • Best of Breed is recorded for a rabbit that was not BOG or BOV in a breed that has BOGs or BOVs; awards are given to rabbits that did not win them.

  • The writer uses BOS for every BOSV or BOSG.  If you tend to get confused, then use BOSB for Best Opposite Sex of Breed and never use BOS at all.

  • Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex of Breed are the same sex.

  • There’s not Best of Variety noted in a breed shown by variety.

  • The writer’s name is nowhere to be found.

  • DQ is noted without the reason for the DQ.

  • Rabbits are scratched with such as dark line or lines that the original information cannot be read.

  • Nothing is recorded for an entered rabbit.

  • A Best Opposite Sex of Variety is awarded a Best of Group or Best of Breed.

  • The table secretary identifies the owners of rabbits while the exhibits are still competing.

  • The table secretary/writer writes down an award for a rabbit with a similar-sounding tattoo, only to find that rabbit is awarded later. (Solve issues as soon as they come up.)

  • Fail to keep rabbits queued up so the judge can continue judging.

  • Fill up judging coops when the judge needs to evaluate the varieties.

  • Call more than one class up at a time, but fail to keep them separated as they are placed into judging coops.

  • Tell the judge that the class is complete without giving exhibitors ample opportunity to get to the table.  Especially when the show begins to run late, there can be a temptation to call once and close the class too soon.

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