Just a few things to keep in mind when writing for judges…

Miscellaneous Bits and Pieces of Information and Advice


Tan Showing Order –

Although the normal alphabetical showing order of varieties is listed for Tans under their title in the Standard of Perfection, their requested showing order is Lilac, Blue, Chocolate, and then Black.


Checkered Giant Best Pre-junior –

Be sure to record the best pre-junior if there are any entered for Checkered Giants.  That information is needed for the national specialty club report if the show is sanctioned for Checkered Giants.  They also want best senior, best 6/8 (intermediate), and best junior.


Himalayans Best Junior –

If  Himalayans are sanctioned, then make sure to note which is the best junior and which is the best senior.   That information is needed for the national specialty club report.


On The Folder –

Some shows have a place on the outside of the breed folder to write in the Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex information.  If there is one, be sure to complete it.

That’s about all!  Enjoy your writing experience!!!

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