Hedge Hogs For Sale in Colorado

Pet Hedgehogs for sale in Colorado, north of Denver

Where can I find a USDA licensed breeder with baby hedgies available?

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Is it legal to keep a pet African Pygmy Hedgehog in Colorado? 

Yep!  According to Hedgehogbreederalliance.org, there are only a few states in the US where it is illegal to keep and breed pet hedgehogs.  Colorado is not one of them.  Here you can own and enjoy these little critters with freedom.  If you want to breed them or own more than three, you should get a license from the USDA to breed and sell exotic mammals.

Do hedgehogs make nice pets?

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Oh, absolutely!  They are so fun and unique, with entertaining and inquisitive personalities!  I love them!  They can be kept in a small place with a low budget. They are not expensive to keep. They are nocturnal animals, so they sleep most of the day, but you can take them out and play with them and bathe them in the daytime.  Plus it's fun to have a special, critter that not everyone has, isn't it?

What do they eat?

In nature, these cuties are insectivores.  They have narrow snouts that help them dig around plants and roots to find the bugs they need to eat.  Some breeders feed their hedgehogs meal worms, but if bugs aren't your cup of tea, there's good news: hedgehogs in captivity can eat a wide variety of foods.  The most important thing is that they get a high protein diet.  Too much fat in the diet is not good for them, neither is too much fiber.   I feed my hedgies a high quality dry cat  food, Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul, adult light.  I give them occasional crickets or freeze-dried caterpillars as treats.

Can a hedgehog "shoot its quills"?

No, don't worry!  Not even porcupines can actually "shoot their quills."   (If a porcupine's quills stick into an enemy, they will come loose from the porcupine, but it can't actually project them.) Hedgehogs are different.  Their spines are not sharp, barbed, or dangerous!  Actually thick hollow hair shafts, the spines there to deter predators.  If a hedgie in wild is threatened, he can roll into a ball with the spines outward.  But his first defense is to run.  These critters can run very quickly - up to 120 yards per minute!  Baby "hoglets" are born with the quills tucked under the skin, and they prodtrude within a few days of birth.

Want to learn more?

I'm happy to chat with you!  Give me a call at  303-828-4778 or email at evesbunnies@comcast.net .   I offer pet and breeding stock for sale in White Bellied and Algerian colors, and am committed to finding quality, caring homes for the critters I sell. Located in Lafayette, Colorado, north of Denver.  USDA licensed to sell and breed exotic mammals.

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