A Game of Sardines

3…2…1! Ready or not, here I come!!!

These are baby Polish rabbits in their home sweet nestbox.

Taxonomy of Bunnies

Kirsten demonstrates that really, rabbits ARE related to anteaters.

Kirsten is a black tort Holland Lop.

Four Score and Seven

Four Score and Seven Days ago I put in an order for more carrots. You wanted more Cheetos. A house divided! I am strongly considering seceding.

This broken Polish Rabbit is posing tall. Must be important business.

Turn off the Tube

I tol’ zem. I TOL’ ZEM. If they turn on dat Scoobydoo ONE MORE TIME, I’mz gonna sitz here and count the fibers in the upholstery till zey turn it offffzzzz!

A tort otter Mini Lop by Michelle and Forrest Gait Rabbitry. Thanks!


What, is this a bullfight?

El Toro circles the ring … he stops, turns to face the matador. Eyes afire, snorting smoke, pawing the dust. The matador swings the cape, and el toro charges…

…oh wait, it’s just a black tortoise Holland Lop. Maybe you forgot his carrots.


Like a Bloodhound

Sniff. Sniff… Lacey…. She was here. I smells it. Eau de Alfalfa.

A cute broken black Polish rabbit hunting out his gal.