Showing Holland Lop Rabbits – Just About Everything You Need to Know!

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holland lop rabbit with successful show record

Basics for Showing Holland Lop Rabbits

 If you want to show Holland lop rabbits, you are my kind of person!  Showing is wonderful fun for children and adults alike.  But it can be a little intimidating if you don’t know what to expect.  On this Showing Holland Lops page, you will learn about everything that happens at a rabbit show, from entering the show, to putting your rabbit on the table at the correct time, to following the progress through best in show and much more. 


Registering Holland Lops Rabbits

 Registering rabbits is nothing like registering puppies and kittens.  Find out all about these differences here.



How to Grand Rabbits

 Perhaps you’ve heard of rabbits being referred to as Grand Champion or having a “GC” designation before their name.  Just how does a rabbit become a grand champion?  Read about earning legs and making a Grand Champion.


Traveling With Holland Lops

Traveling with Holland lops is not difficult, it just takes a little planning and extra care.  I’ve made dozens of trips with rabbits, including overnight and weekend trips and national shows.  Check out this page for tips to make your next trip even better.



Lady at a rabbit show




Holland Lop Breeders’ Index

 Ever see a rabbitry prefix on a pedigree and have no idea who the breeder was, what the prefix stands for, the name of the rabbitry or what state the rabbit is from?  Me, too!  I’ve begun this index so that breeders will have an easy place to go to find out the missing information.  Make sure your rabbitry is included in the breeders’ index.  If not, contact me and let me know.